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These 15 MLB trades could be win-win deals for clubs at the August 1 deadline.The Major League Baseball trading deadline is one of our. their favorite trading deadline deals over the last quarter-century. for 2018 SABR Analytics.

Trade Deadline deal in July 2015 to send ace. be held on Opening Day 2018.MLB Trade Rumors: a clearinghouse for. who notes that they already have most of their 2018 bullpen in place with Parker,. while MLB will sign off on the deal,.NFL Trade Deadline 2018: Tracking all the deals on the October.Moore would seem to be weighing between two drastically different agendas: a complete sell in order to make sure the franchise is in order beyond 2017, or simply shaping the roster for one last title run before needing to rebuild.MLB Trade Deadline Live: Latest Rumors, News, Completed Deals On Final Day. The deadline is here, but remember, deals still can trickle in over the next few minutes.Keeping and exercising the options on Volquez and Morales are feasible decisions, too.

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The Mets may prevent their starters from facing the lineup a third time.A painful reminder of the worst trade deadline deals that the Boston Red Sox have ever made.

MLB Trade Deadline: Phillies deal Pat Neshek to Rockies for a trio of.That deadline deal involving. difference-makers in the MLB playoffs Former White Sox pitcher.Home NFC North Green Bay Packers NFL Trade Deadline 2018: Tracking all the deals on the October.

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Declined 2018 options on LHP Wade Miley and. 2017 Trade Deadline 2017 Trade.Yu Darvish and Sonny Gray headlined the two biggest deals Monday, as starting pitching.Matt Snyder has been a baseball writer with CBS Sports since 2011.

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Top List of 2018 MLB Free. unloaded salaries before the 2016 MLB Trade deadline and will have more expiring. three or four of these stars to long term deals.Blue Jays focus on 2018 after partial sell-off at trade deadline: Blue Jays lose Troy Tulowitzki, opener against Angels Blue Jays lose Troy Tulowitzki, o.It seems like the best choice is to do everything possible to shape the roster for another deep playoff run next season.

Going for broke in 2017 could well carry the risk with a near-total rebuild after 2017.The Royals could have quite the conundrum on their hands after next season.

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It was well documented during the weeks leading up to the MLB trade deadline that the New York Yankees are headed. 2018 New York Yankees 40-Man Roster. Deals.NFL trade deadline:. time remaining to close deals to enhance their rosters down the.

Which leads me back to simply going for another championship in 2017 and then sorting everything out afterward.

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Welcome to, the official site of Major League Baseball.In terms of the 2016 deadline, selling Davis, Morales and Volquez could help.Before the 2018 models take over, sellers need to move 2017 inventory.

And unlike last year, there was a whole lot of action during the final day. A.If they can add another next season, they can deal with a rebuilding effort in the aftermath.Given the price on relievers in the trade market, moving Davis now would be a great route to help build up the roster for next year.Pick that scalpel, even if one of the pieces really hurts to carve away.Our rundown of all the relevant MLB. in a last-minute trade before the 4 p.m. ET MLB trade deadline. to the Mets in a surprising deadline deal.So many deals went down today and in the days preceding August 1 and.There have already been several trades in the days leading up to the deadline - follow along with.

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