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Just looking round my wife bought hens she will not let them free range because our 4 cockrels may hurt them,do you know what is safe for cockrels to have partners please thanks.I have already been through this process, have rescued 20 beautiful hens.Hi there my friendand I sharaabout 6 acres, we would love to re house up to 300 hens and would appreciate any help in locaing this number,thank you.Ian.

Goodbye, Tortoise Thinning out Autumn King carrots Kitchen garden in January Autumn Days When the Grass is Jewelled.Please could anyone give me the Essex Coordinators details please.

I would be able to take 4 hens at the moment, I live outside Newtownards if that is any help to anyone.

I know of a few fantastic organisations that work nationwide.I live in Balintore in Ross-shire so I could meet you in Inverness to pick up.You can also find out more by joining the ex-battery hens forum, where some of the members are actively involved in rescuing and rehabilitating battery hens.Hi, my name is Anthony Berry and I live in a house with a huge back garden that backs on to a field.We have sufficient housing for at least ten hens who would be comfortable, clean and warm as the cabin in the garden is connected to the eletricity mains.I am saving up for a bigger coop so that i can eventually home more.Also the ex-battery hen forum has loads of members who either run battery hen rescue organisations (including the above), or are directly involved in assisting with the rescues.

We would like to give some battery hens a new home in northern Ireland,can you tell me how I can find out where I can get some.New and used items for sale or post a free ad to sell in Kinross 6028, WA.Would you offer guest writers to write content available for you.Contacted Philip at McClements Egg Company, he was not helpful and quite unpleasant and then went on to inform me that it was cruel to rehome battery hens by taking them out of their environment and that we should rehome free range hens instead.My grandad has lots of geese and ducks but sadly he only has 6 chickens left.

Does anyone know where I can obtain some ex-battery chickens to give a new home to in Northern Ireland (Bangor) to be precise.

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The reason I know all this, is because we bought some from him about 5 years ago, and they were brilliant egg layers, and beautiful too.

Am looking to rehome 4 to 6 battery hens. coop is built but run will take 2 to 3 weeks to have ready.Hi Gilberto, this post was created almost two years ago and is no longer valid.I would love to rehome some battery hens, please contact me on the email above.They have a vet calls in once a week to co a health check and treat any animal in need of attention.

I have a big garden and a secure chicken run, donated to me by my daughter and can have a secure enclosre by the end of Jan.Have just acquired a Sussex white cock and we also keep and breed Muscovy ducks.All ex-battery hens or commercial hens mentioned on my blog are looking for pet-only homes for retirement, not for further commercial use or to be dispatched at a later date when they are no longer laying.Fresh start for hens has a rehoming on the 15th October 2011, please see the website, if you wish to reserver any hens.Yeah I would love to help I could house at least 20 hens on this bit of land I have they will be allowed to Rome free during the day and at night they will have a big 16ft shed to go on at night.

Hi, I have 2 laying chickens at the moment and would like to adopt an other two can anyone tell me how to get them I live in Fife Scotland.

I would be very interested in taking 50 hens please contact us so that we can find out more information in doing so.Irony is that we are rural with no foxes in the locality due to the nature of the soil.Hi Norma, I saw that you need a Cockerel and wondered if you still need one I have a black coloured Pekin cockerel that is around 7-9 m0nths old, if you are not too far away from London I could if you wanted him, bring him to you if not too far away.They would have plenty of space to roam around and it would be a joy to nurse and look after them.

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